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professional services

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heavy machinery & mechanical systems — manually or computer controlled
electrical, electronic or computer-based systems
material safety data sheets (msds)




we use only professional, native-speaking translators with specific knowledge in your technical field.

translations are reviewed and proofread by a second professional translator.

we will deliver your translation in the format you need:

ms word (any version)
lotus wordpro
ms excel
ms powerpoint
adobe pdf
pc or mac format



we offer consecutive interpreting (meaning that first the speaker speaks, then the
interpreter speaks).

situations where you might use an interpreter:


a conference from an overseas speaker
contract negotiations



desktop publishing


we can offer you desktop publishing and camera ready services in your target language.

adobe pagemaker (pc or mac)
quark xpress (pc or mac)
adobe pdf
adobe photoshop
adobe illustrator
ms word





french translation services can offer you the following:

video tape translation
audio tape translation
powerpoint presentation
multimedia presentation



web pages


we can translate your web pages into any language.

translations are provided to you in html format.




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